The Metro Vancouver Tourism and Hospitality Industry Response and Recovery Task Force, including its many thousands of stakeholders, represents some of the largest industry-related employers and venues in B.C. Contributing approximately $14.4 billion to the Metro Vancouver economy annually and supporting over 105,000 full time jobs, our members serve, host, transport, entertain, and accommodate millions of local, national and international guests

As the primary gateway for visitors to the length and breadth of our province, Metro Vancouver’s tourism and hospitality members have integral relationships with critical national and international entry, exit and transit points, such as Vancouver International Airport and the Port of Vancouver – which facilitates the cruise ship industry. The province’s premier stadiums, sports teams, convention centres, and hotels, restaurants and bars also lie within our borders, and together underpin the very fabric and culture of dozens of communities across the region.

The motivation behind convening the Response and Recovery Task Force in early March 2020, was to create a powerful, united, and action-oriented body to act as a coordinated voice for our sector, and our advocacy work – on behalf of our shareholders and members – is being advanced by four distinct working groups, focused on: Impact Assessment; Government Relations; Issues Management and Communications; and Sector Recovery Strategy. Our actions reflect the fact that few industries have been as dramatically affected by the identification of and response to COVID-19 as the collective tourism and hospitality sector.

The Metro Vancouver tourism and hospitality sector requires urgent, substantial and continued attention as the COVID-19 crisis evolves, since Metro Vancouver is:

  • The single largest and most popular tourist and visitor destination in B.C.
  • The crossroads for millions using a strategic transportation infrastructure complex that includes YVR, the Port, TransLink, major Canada-USA border crossings, the provincial ferry system and major highways.
  • The location of the province’s largest:
    • Share of employees and suppliers to the industry;
    • Venues, sporting events, and festivals;
    • Global conferences and conventions;
    • Concentration of hotels, restaurants, attractions, cultural organizations, and tour, meeting and hospitality businesses.