Metro Vancouver’s visitor economy is supported by a vast, varied, dynamic and integrated network of tourism and hospitality-focused entities – ranging from large-scale venues, hotels, restaurants and tour operators to unique shops and service providers, event planners and destination marketers. Leveraging long-standing relationships between Task Force leadership members and contacts within all three levels of government, as well as the expertise of members within the Government Relations Working Group, a primary focus of the Task Force has been to:

  • Identify the ways in which both the COVID-19 pandemic, and governments’ response to its spread, have impacted the ability of our members to provide their services;
  • Work collaboratively, using Task Force member knowledge, Working Group research, allied industry’s input and sector representative’s advice, to gather relevant data, for distribution; and
  • Advocate on behalf of impacted members, to ensure governments at all levels understand the value of the visitor economy, and the importance of keeping the sector whole, and viable, in both the short and longer term.