Guiding and supporting the storytelling efforts of the Task Force leadership team and our members, the Issues Management and Communications Working Group develops materials designed to help the public understand the extent to which the tourism and hospitality sector has been impacted – both by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the response strategies undertaken by multiple levels of government.

The team is an interface with media, preparing Task Force spokespersons for opportunities to educate the public, as well as tracking pandemic issues relevant to our sector, as they evolve. Through use of shared platforms, we have encouraged members to indicate the innovative ways in which the sector has supported an effective response to the pandemic across the Metro region, and connected with members to gain input via telephone and web-based surveys. We also support outreach efforts to contacts at the provincial and federal levels.

Internally, the Issues Management and Communications team, with support from Tourism Vancouver, has developed the Task Force website, and we act, weekly, in a coordination role, ensuring each of the four working groups are informed of each other’s activities. Creation and distribution of weekly agendas and meeting minutes, welcoming new organizational reps as membership in the Task Force has expanded, and keeping the Task Force member list up to date are also key contributions of the team.



Tourism Vancouver – Chair
Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association
Tourism Richmond
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
SMC Communications Inc.

Media Coverage Report


In order to support the effectiveness of the Task Force and its Working Groups, and to ensure that we are both educating and informing our relevant internal and external stakeholders, shareholders and members, we will act, to the extent we are directed and recommended, as the voice of the leadership team and Task Force1. In order to perform this function, the Issues Management and Communications team will stay intimately informed of local and provincial issues. We will also work closely and collaboratively with all other working groups to:

  • Gather accurate and timely information, to be used as the basis of Task Force messaging to respond to stakeholder groups when government decisions are made;
  • Facilitate and support the exchange of information, and gain broad knowledge of the main themes under working groups’ consideration;
  • Seek ongoing input in order to identify any significant evolving issues within various areas of our sector;
  • Encourage the identification of areas of innovation within our sector and membership, as well as ways we can support pandemic response efforts that are being implemented by various levels of government.


  • Develop clear, accurate and effective communication materials (content) for internal and external distribution;
  • Lead issues management monitoring on behalf of working groups, including conducting research, recommending and collaborating on appropriate response actions;
  • Provide counsel and recommendations regarding communication with external groups both allied with and beyond our industry sector;
  • Recommend and facilitate a cadence of ongoing communication between the leadership team, Task Force as a whole, and working groups;
  • Provide support, as requested/required by parallel Task Force working groups to enable their communication with provincial and national groups with similar interests;
  • If and when required, engage in proactive outreach to external groups, including media, in order to communicate the position of the Task Force on issues relevant to goals for our sector;
  • Support Task Force leadership team members and identified spokespersons by providing written materials and training, to ensure speaking opportunities are maximized.

1 It is important to note that this team will not communicate with government. Please see Government Relations Working Group Terms of Reference.